Snail of Approval Application for Farms

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Slow Food Snail of Approval supports local businesses that support Good, Clean and Fair food for all. One goal of the program is to drive traffic to the award recipients’ businesses to encourage the slow food culture through local business patronage, and thereby further promoting sustainability. If approved, Slow Food will use digital and social media to help promote your farm.

Please be aware that we are not taking applications from wineries at the moment.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the standards in this application form by emailing us at


Information About Your Business


Evaluation of Your Business

Please describe your business’s adherence to the core Slow Food values of Good, Clean, and Fair. We understand the complexities and challenges of running a sustainable, profitable business that adheres to these values. Please be honest in describing where your business needs improvement and describe how you are working to improve those areas. Feel free to use as much space as you need.



Suggested Topics as it applies to your product(s)

  • Water quality, training, and sanitation, food traceability practices
  • Livestock management practices
  • Taste: Fresh and wholesome ingredients, products are prepared with care
  • Biodiversity
  • Use of heirloom varietals and heritage breeds
  • Hand crafted/Artisan products


Suggested Topics as it applies to your product(s)

  • Produces goods using processes and packaging that results in minimal waste for the consumer and has little impact on the environment
  • Water sourcing
  • Pest control practices
  • Energy sourcing
  • Connection with suppliers: are products produced locally, responsibly, sustainably and GMO free


Suggested Topics as it applies to your product(s)

  • Paying workers a fair wage and other benefits
  • Community involvement
  • Employee education, safety and career opportunities
  • Involvement in the education of consumers


Snail of Approval – Slow Food in Sonoma County is requesting your consent that photographs/video taken of you and your facility may be reproduced in publications, promotional email campaigns, websites, and other materials or media for Snail of Approval-Slow Food in Sonoma County, a joint project of Slow Food’s Russian River and Sonoma County North chapters. In giving this consent, you release the photographer and Slow Food from responsibility for any violation of personal or proprietary right you may have in connection with this use.